Aerosol Jet Printer AJ 300-UP

  • Approximate overall dimensions are 864 mm D x 1372 mm W x 2322 mm H (with hood; does not include dimensions for ErgoArm and monitor).
  • Overall weight of the Aerosol Jet 300 Print System is approximately 680 kg.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet with Granite Table Top.
AJ 300
AJ 300
  • Ability to print on substrates up to 300 mm x 300 mm.
  • X-Y motion positional accuracy down to +/- 6 μ
  • 300 mm XY automated control and 50 mm Z-axis automated Control
  • Motion repeatability +/- 1 μm for each axis.
  • Visual alignment system – alignment cameras and lightning enable registration of line over line with multiple passes.
  • Computer control system of printing parameters in AutoCAD format.
  • Heated Vacuum Platen.

Printing Head Schematic design

Printer head
Printer head

Process parameters

Process Parameter Unit Range
Z axis Height millimeters 0-50
Nozzle Diameter microns 150, 200, 300
Platen Temperature °C Room temperature – 120
Tube Heater Temperature °C Room temperature – 120
Sheath gas flow rate Cubic centimeter 30 – 100
Virtual Impactator flow rate Cubic centimeter 400 -1100
Atomizer flow rate Cubic centimeter 500 – 1200

Pulse Forge 1300 Novacentrix

Photonic curing machine for sintering a wide variety of inks deposited on conventional and non-conventional substrates, such as paper, cotton, plastics.

Peak radiant power delivered (kW/cm2) 35
Max radiant energy delivered (J/cm2) 100
Max voltage to lamp(s) 950
Effective max linear processing speed (m/min) 30
Curing dimension per pulse (mm) 75 x 150
Max area cured per sample (mm) 300 x 150
Pulse length range (microseconds) 25–100,000
Pulse length increment (microseconds) 1
Minimum pulse spacing (microseconds) 20
Max pulse rate >kHz
Output spectrum (nm) 200–1500
Uniformity of exposure (point to point) +/- 2% or better