Application Areas

Range of materials and functionality allows for many application areas and projects

  • Curved Surfaces (angles less than ca. 70° from horizontal)
  • Print near obstructions (walls, pins, tabs)
  • Slope/ramp (up to ca. 70° from horizontal)
Packaging and Assembly                             Electronic Devices
High Density Interconnects 3D MID & 3D Printed Electronics
Flip-chip / Direct Die Attach Printed Sensors
Embedded / Integrated Passives Displays
Flex Circuits Energy
Electronic Components Fuel Cells
Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors Solar Cells
Antennae Life Science
Micro-Batteries Bio-sensors
Transistors Cell deposition and patterning

What we are doing

  • Force sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Strain gauge sensors on metal parts, on plastic substrates
  • Chemical and Electrochemical sensors
  • Electronic circuits, connections, pads, antennas on 3D surfaces
  • Conductive and insulating surface functionalizations
  • Circuits and sensors on paper and fabric.
  • Microchannels and microstructures for microfluidics


Optimized geometry for reducing ohmic losses
Reduced sample volume analyzed in six sensors simultaneously
Reduction of the problems due to the operator’s manual skills

3D Circuits

Integration of electronics and sensors in everyday objects
Circuits, connections, pads, antennas on flexible and / or 3D substrates
Possibility to print on unconventional substrates

Stretchable Sensors

Optimized geometry for specific applications
Deformability and adaptability, up to 12% deformation
Low-cost disposable sensors

Sensors for wearable electronic

Printing of conductive and insulating inks on cotton and photonic sintering

cotone e argento

Paper Based Sensors

Sensors fabricated on paper for food industry or biomedical field. totally bio-compatible, disposable, biodegradable and VERY LOW COST

Paper Based Sensors
Paper Based Sensors